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    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    The demand for places and interest in our College by the wider community continues to grow.  In order to assist us with our curriculum programs and staff planning for next year, we are seeking your support in confirming your child’s education at our College.
    Due to the current climate, we are no longer issuing paper Intention to Return forms and instead we are asking parents/guardians to complete an online Compass Insights survey on whether or not you intend to keep your child enrolled at Craigieburn Secondary College for the 2021 school year. 

    Login into your Compass Parent Portal - Go to the dashboard -> Click on Intention to Return Insights Survey Link - Read and answer the 4 questions which should only take 5 mins to answer, save and close the survey.

    Please complete this Survey NO LATER THAN Friday 9th of October, 2020.

    It is important to complete and save this survey as soon as possible to ensure your placement for 2021.
    Please see the video attached to this Compass Parent Post for a guide on accessing and completing the Survey.
    If you have any questions, require assistance in completing the survey, or require clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s Sub School Manager or phone 9308 1144 to express your child/ren's return to the college in 2021.
    Rebekah Pelechaty – Year 7 & 8 –
    Rachele Giarrusso – Year 9 & 10 –
    Matthew Milburn – Year 11 & 12 –

    Many thanks in advance for your support and assistance with this matter.

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  • On-Site Learning Attendance

    On-site learning and teaching programs for vulnerable students or students of essential employees at secondary government schools will be offered based on the school's assessment and understanding of the safety risks faced by students and families.

    The learning program delivered on-site will be the same as the learning program delivered to students undertaking remote learning. Students learning on-site will be supervised by an on-site teacher or education support staff but will follow the teaching and learning program provided by their classroom teacher.

    If your family meets the eligibility criteria to send your child/ren to school, please fill out the On-Site Attendance Form and email to with the subject header: On-Site Attendance. This On-Site Attendance Form will need to be completed in the week prior to your child/ren attending on-site. 


    Attending school on-site will remain available in limited circumstances for:

    • Students on days or part-days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home.
    • Vulnerable students.
    • Small groups of VCE and VCAL students to complete learning requirements that cannot be undertaken at home. Schools will advise if these arrangements are necessary.

    On receipt of the application form the College will contact the family to make arrangements and determine any needs or health issues.

    • It is vital that the College is aware of any health issues relating to any students who will be attending on-site (for example, Anaphylaxis).
    • If there is no staff member trained in Anaphylaxis response able to attend on-site, then an anaphylactic child should not attend on-site on those days.
    • The College will be checking existing student health records for all on-site students and discuss any concerns with parents/carers.

    On-Site Sign in
    • Students should arrive at the front office by 8.45 am.
    • Students should bring all Ready to Learn equipment, including laptop, charger and books. 
    • Students should bring food for lunch and recess (the Canteen is not in operation for Term 2).
    • On arrival, students will undergo a visual inspection and have their temperature taken to ensure wellness and hand sanitiser.
    • Students that are deemed unwell will have their parents contacted and sent home.
    • Students will be supervised to complete the same online activities as students working from home.  Many of these activities require headphones.  STUDENTS TO SUPPLY THEIR OWN HEADPHONES .
    • Social distancing protocols will apply throughout the day.

    Families can drop off and pick their children from the two Hothlyn Drive entrances.

    If your child/ren attends the College without submitting the On-Site Attendance Form, then the College will contact you. 

  • Compass Insights - Parent Remote Learning Survey - STILL OPEN

    Survey Information:

    Survey time is approximately 15 min.

    – Survey is only visible to parents to edit and respond

    – Survey is OPEN until Parents/Guardians Respond to Survey

    – Save and Close the Survey to complete the cycle

    How to access Parent Remote Learning Survey:

    Step 1:

    Parents Login to Compass Parent Portal using their username and password.

    Parents will see on the Compass Parent Portal Dashboard – Insights Cycle OpenClick here to proceed’ to access the Parents Remote Learning Survey

    Step 2:

    Parents Click here to proceed’

    -          Parents will then be transferred to the Insights section on Compass.

    Step 3:

    Parent ‘Clicks on’ the blue hyperlink -> ‘Remote Learning Survey’


    -         Once clicked parents will enter the 6 Survey Questions

    -          Parents answer every question – mandatory

    -          Save and Close the Survey

     Step 4:

    Save and Close the Survey

    -          End of Survey

    -          The Survey link will then disappear from the Parent Dashboard

    We Thank You for Your Support and Participation in the Remote Learning Program - Your Feedback is Valued and Important for Providing Every Success for your Child/ren during the Remote Learning Program

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  • E-Safety (COVID19) & Beyond

    E-Safety information and key issues can be explored by visiting the links below. CSC highly recommends reading the Australian Government E-Safety Strategic Plan 2019-2022 to stay up-to-date on E-safety guidelines and supports. We all have a role to play in keeping our vulnerable digital users safe.

    Source: Australian Commissioner (2019) "E-Safety Commissioner", viewed 4th April 2020,

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  • College Policies

    Schools' Privacy Policy

    The Department of Education and Training (which includes all Victorian government schools, central and regional offices) values the privacy of every person and is committed to protecting information that schools collect.

    All staff including contractors, service providers and volunteers of the Department, and this Victorian government school (our school), must comply with Victorian privacy law and this policy.

    In Victorian government schools the management of ‘personal information’ and ‘health information’ is governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (collectively, Victorian privacy law).

    This policy explains how our school collects and manages personal and health information, consistent with Victorian privacy law.

    Visit to learn more on the DET Schools' Privacy Policy

    Schools' Privacy Policy is translated in to: Arabic, Amharic, Turkish, Dari, Vietnamese, Urdu, Somali, Sudanese, Mandarin - see Schools' privacy policy FAQ sheet folder below.

    Source: Department of Education and Training. (16 December 2019)

    Mobile Phone Policy 2019

    Craigieburn Secondary College understands that students may bring a personal mobile phone to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school.

    At Craigieburn Secondary College:

     Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and securely stored once a student has entered the school grounds as stated in the Craigieburn Secondary College Student Planner. Students may store their device at either the front office or in their locker at their own risk

     Exceptions to this policy may be applied if certain conditions are met (see below for further information)

     When emergencies occur, parents or carers should reach their child by calling the school’s office.

    Supporting documentation at:

    Note that this is a ministerial policy formally issued by the Minister for Education under section 5.2.1(2)(b) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

    View Mobile Policy at:

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  • Compass Parent Information

    View support documents to help parents become familiar with the College Compass Portal. Go to Compass Login to enter absence notes, view your child's attendance, chronicles, school notifications and academic reports at

    For more information on Accessing Compass and its many features click here:

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  • Every Day Counts


    As a College, we have revised our Attendance Policy and procedures and have developed processes to support each family to assist their child/ren to achieve, where possible, 100% attendance.
    The following document Attendance Process for Families provides an outline of what we are implementing to account for student attendance at the College. 
    Families are encouraged to read to summary and contact us to discuss any issues or concerns. We welcome your feedback as the implementation of this process progress throughout the year. 
    Significant differences we would like to draw to your attention, include;
    1. Explained Approved Absences - these are absences where the explanation is reasonable
    2. Explained Unapproved Absences - these are absences where the school has determined the explanation is not reasonable
    3. Unexplained Absences - these are absences where no reasons have been provided
    The College wishes to ensure that all parents have a clear understanding of how they can meet their obligations under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. Click on the link to understand how the new attendance processes will support your child/ren and families - Attendance Process for Families

    • Families are required to explain absences before or on the day of a student’s absence.
    • If a child is absent without communication to the school, a follow-up SMS is sent on the day of absence. Text messages are sent daily at 10am & 3pm.
    • Daily SMS are sent home and an unexplained absence will initiate a Pink Slip given to the student for families to provide a valid reason for the absence.
    • Families have 5 days in which to return the Pink Slip to Explain the Absence or Report your child/ren's attendance, using one of the following options:

    • Use Compass APP or Website - Compass Parent Portal - Enter Attendance Note (Reason, date & time-frame & comments)
    • Email - (Subject Line: Enter Student Name & Form Group)
    • Phone Absence Line on 8339 4224 & follow the prompts
    • Phone 9308 1144 & follow the prompts
    • Request principal approval for absence
    • Provide a written note/medical/dental/specialist certificates at the school


    Supporting students at risk to attend school. We would like our families to feel supported through this process, and as such the letters and reminders are designed to gain a full understanding of circumstances behind absenteeism. This provides the basis for the College and families to work together to improve student attendance. 

    Regardless of the type of absence (Approved or Unapproved) when a student’s attendance rate reaches less than 90% the student is considered at risk. At this point, the College will introduce interventions that will include a Student Engagement and Attendance Profile and/or a Student Support Group meeting with parent/guardian to develop an Individual Learning Plan and support from the College Allied Health Team.

    If you have any questions about the processes and the Attendance Policy, please contact the College on 9308 1144 or email via the Compass Parent Portal.

    Every Day Counts when it comes to getting the best Educational Outcomes for your child/ren.

  • CSC - College Reports

    View the College Annual Report 2018, Annual Improvement Plan (AIP) 2019 and the College Strategic Plan 2017-2020. 

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  • 2021 Scholarship & CEAP Programs - Applications CLOSED

    The College advises that the information, dates and contacts in the brochure may be subject to change with short notice during these unprecedented and challenging times. Any questions regarding the CEAP and Scholarship Programs for 2021, please do not hesitate in contacting the College on 9308 1144 or email - subject line: CEAP Application to request application forms and details or go to the College website for more details at

    In response to the impact of COVID-19 Craigieburn Secondary College has extended its application timeline for the CEAP program’. Please contact Ms Amaya Munoz with your expression of interest and attached application form by the 15th June at


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  • Child Safe Standards 2019

    The Child Safe Standards (the Standards) are compulsory minimum standards for all organisations that provide services to children including Victorian schools. The aim of the Standards is to ensure organisations are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect. It is recognised that many schools will have existing policies and procedures that aim to keep children safe.

    The Standards provide a framework to identify gaps and improve policy and practices around child safety. On 26 November 2015, the Victorian Parliament passed the Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Child Safe Standards) Bill 2015, which amended the Child Safety and Wellbeing Act 2005 to introduce the Child Safe Standards that would apply to all organisations involved in child related work in Victoria.

    The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) as regulator for all Victorian schools has responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Child Safe Standards in schools. The Standards are:

    • Standard 1: Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety
    • Standard 2: A child safety policy or a statement of commitment to child safety
    • Standard 3: A Child Safety Code of Conduct
    • Standard 4: Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse
    • Standard 5: Procedures for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
    • Standard 6: Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
    • Standard 7: Strategies to promote child participation and empowerment.

    Source: DET (2019)

    If you require further information on the Child Safe Standards, please contact the College on 9308 1144.

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  • Term Dates & Curriculum Days

    2020 TERM DATES

    Term 1:    Tue 28th January - Fri 27th March (Brought forward to 24th March)

    Term 2:    Tue 14 April (Pupil Free Day) - Fri 26 June 

    Remote and Flexible Working continues until Monday 25th May 2020.
    To increase physical distancing across the population and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), children in Victorian government schools should remain in the remote and flexible learning and care until Monday 25th May 2020. 

    This means that until the staggered return to school plan starts All Students who can Learn from Home Must Learn at Home.

    School Restrictions & Conditions - To be confirmed.

    Tuesday the 26th May - Years 11, 12, and Year 10 students doing VCE Unit 1 and 2 subjects will return to face to face teaching on those days and remain at school all day.
    Tuesday the 9th June - All Year Levels (7-12) will return to face to face teaching.

    Monday 25th May - Pupil Free Day
    Tuesday 26th May - Staggered Return to Face to Face Learning at school for Year 11s and 12s and Year 10s doing VCE subjects.

    Monday 8th June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday
    Tues 9th June - All Year levels 7 to 11 Return to Face to Face Learning at school; including year 10 VET students.

    For more information learning from home visit the DET Information for parents and guardian

    Term 3:    Mon 13th July - Fri 18th September

    Term 4:    Mon 5th October - Fri 18th December

    2020 Student Start Dates

    Year 7s & 12s - Thur 30th January
    Year 8s & 11s - Fri 31st January
    Year 9s & 10s - Mon 3rd February

    Tue 21st January - Book Collection (Campion) 1pm to 6pm in C3; please enter via basketball court entrance

    Tue 21st January to Fri 24th January - Administration Office Open for Payments

    Term Dates are decided by the Department of Education and Training (DET).  For a full list of the scheduled Victorian school holiday term dates please visit:


    No Scheduled Classes - Curriculum days are Professional Development Days for Teachers and Education Support Staff.

    Term 1


    Tuesday 28th Jan

    Curriculum Day

    Wednesday 29th Jan

    Friday 6th March

    Curriculum Day

    Curriculum Day

    Thursday 26th March

    Parent / Teacher interviews - Postponed

    Term 2


    Tuesday 14th April

    Pupil Free Day (COVID19)

    Teacher Remote Learning Training Day

    Term 3



    Curriculum Day


    Parent / Teacher interviews