Submitting an Assignment

Submit a file upload assignment

Step by step instructions

  1. On the course home page, click the assignment name.
  2. On the Edit my submission: Submission status page, click Add submission.
  3. On the (second) Edit my submission page:
    • Read the appropriate declaration  then select the check box above the declarations.
  1. In the File submissions box, either drag-and-drop your assignment file(s) from the Explore or Finder window, or manually add them, as follows:

a) Click Add

b) In the File picker, click Browse.

c) In the File Upload window, browse for and select the file. Click Open.

d) In the File picker, do not alter the auto-filled Browse field, or your file upload will fail.

      • Enter a display name for the file to Save as. Follow any file naming conventions that your teacher requires you to observe for this assignment.
      • Click Upload this file.

e) Repeat steps to d for each assignment file.

  1. Click Save changes. Your submitted text displays. From this page you can edit your submission, return to the course or log out.
  2. Back on the Edit my submission page, click Save changes.
  3. The Submission status page will re-display. From this page, you can:
      • return to the course home page or

      • log out of Moodle.

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