Access Webmail

Below are instructions on how to access Office 365 and College’s Office 365 webmail.

The online portal for Office 365 & Webmail can be accessed at


Your username is the same as your school email address so something like:

Your password is the same as your school’s network account (LMS)

You will need to type in your school email address and click Next.

o365 first step

You will then need to type in your password. Do this and click next.

Within Office 365 your username and password are the same as those used at school but you must always remember to add to your username when logging in, as this tells Office 365 where you are from.

Once logged in you will see the below page and can download the latest version of Microsoft Office on your BYOD Windows or Apple Mac computer from here by selecting the Install Office button and selecting the Office 365 button, or click on the blue Outlook icon to access the webmail. If your computer came with Microsoft Office this must be uninstalled prior to installing the school provided Office 365.

Users must be aware that all files stored on OneDrive for Business can be viewed by admins, and this service will be monitored.


If you have any questions relating to Office 365 or Webmail please don’t hesitate to contact the IT department.

Our email address is 

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