Using 'My Private Files'

In Moodle, each user has a private files area for uploading and managing a set of files.  This section can be found at the bottom right hand side of this page in the BLUE footer area.

Private files management

To add a file to your private files area

  1. On the Navigation menu, click My profile > My private files
  2. The file manager will appear.
  3. If desired, create a folder for your file(s)
  4. Click on the Add button to upload from the File picker or drag and drop from your desktop. It will look like the files are already there, but they aren't until you do the next step!
  5. Click the 'Save changes' button


  • Once uploaded, files will appear as thumbnails. Clicking the icons top right will display them in table or list view as an alternative.


Last modified: Monday, 2 December 2013, 12:37 PM