• On-Site Learning Attendance

    On-site learning and teaching programs for vulnerable students or students of essential employees at secondary government schools will be offered based on the school's assessment and understanding of the safety risks faced by students and families.

    The learning program delivered on-site will be the same as the learning program delivered to students undertaking remote learning. Students learning on-site will be supervised by an on-site teacher or education support staff but will follow the teaching and learning program provided by their classroom teacher.

    If your family meets the eligibility criteria to send your child/ren to school, please fill out the On-Site Attendance Form and email to craigieburn.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au with the subject header: On-Site Attendance. This On-Site Attendance Form will need to be completed in the week prior to your child/ren attending on-site. 


    Attending school on-site will remain available in limited circumstances for:

    • Students on days or part-days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home.
    • Vulnerable students.
    • Small groups of VCE and VCAL students to complete learning requirements that cannot be undertaken at home. Schools will advise if these arrangements are necessary.

    On receipt of the application form the College will contact the family to make arrangements and determine any needs or health issues.

    • It is vital that the College is aware of any health issues relating to any students who will be attending on-site (for example, Anaphylaxis).
    • If there is no staff member trained in Anaphylaxis response able to attend on-site, then an anaphylactic child should not attend on-site on those days.
    • The College will be checking existing student health records for all on-site students and discuss any concerns with parents/carers.

    On-Site Sign in
    • Students should arrive at the front office by 8.45 am.
    • Students should bring all Ready to Learn equipment, including laptop, charger and books. 
    • Students should bring food for lunch and recess (the Canteen is not in operation for Term 2).
    • On arrival, students will undergo a visual inspection and have their temperature taken to ensure wellness and hand sanitiser.
    • Students that are deemed unwell will have their parents contacted and sent home.
    • Students will be supervised to complete the same online activities as students working from home.  Many of these activities require headphones.  STUDENTS TO SUPPLY THEIR OWN HEADPHONES .
    • Social distancing protocols will apply throughout the day.

    Families can drop off and pick their children from the two Hothlyn Drive entrances.

    If your child/ren attends the College without submitting the On-Site Attendance Form, then the College will contact you. 

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