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Marvel Avengers Experience !

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Marvel Avengers Experience !
by Levente Szilagyi - Monday, 7 May 2018, 4:05 PM

Marvel Avengers Experience!



Quantum Victoria in partnership with Disney/Marvel, offers Year 10 students an opportunity to explore the super human qualities of the AVENGER superheroes: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Hawk Eye.

Students will rotate through the following 3 workshops:


  1. BioEngineering: Students investigate the super human characteristics of the Hulk and Captain America and learn about genetic engineering using the latest cutting edge CRISPR Cas9 gene manipulation technology.
  2. Suit Up: Students investigate the qualities of Iron Man's suit that transform Tony Stark from a mere mortal to a super human being!
  3. Aim High: Students investigate projectile motion through a series of investigations and will use the knowledge acquired to test their super hero prowess in their quest to emulate Hawk Eye's precision!
  4. STEM Garden: Super Hero Adventure: Students create their own 'Super Hero' through a series of QR Codes located in the Quantum Victoria STEM Garden!


Places are limited, so please see Mr Szilagyi ASAP to register your interest.