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R U OK? Day

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R U OK? Day
by Michael Fowles - Monday, 5 September 2016, 7:40 AM

R U OK? Day at CSC

Run by your SRC

As part of R U OK? Day this Thursday the 8th of September, your SRC has organized a number of events around the school. There will be sausage sizzle (Halal) running outside the staffroom as well as music performances down at the amphitheater. Sticking with the theme of “when life gives you lemons” the SRC students will also be selling lemon cupcakes with the BBQ at lunchtime.

Students are encouraged to wear a yellow accessory to support and raise awareness of the cause. Got a niggling feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem out of sorts? Or they’re just not themselves. Trust that gut instinct and act on it. By starting a conversation and commenting on the changes you’ve noticed, you could help that family member, friend or workmate open up. And if all is well, that person will know you’re someone who cares enough to ask. 

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS you CAN wear: socks, gloves, scarves, wigs, caps & beanies (not to be worn inside – school rules apply!), necklaces, badges, earrings, bracelets, wristbands, streamers or ribbons in hair or streamers or ribbons on wrists that are YELLOW!

NON-ACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Clothing of any sort eg t-shirts, pants, jackets, jumpers, hoodies or shoes and coloured/sprayed hair.

Students are encouraged to come down to Craigieburn Central to our CSC pop up stall after school on the day and support our college’s commitment to R U OK? We can’t wait to see you join us J