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Friday's Numeracy Puzzle

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Friday's Numeracy Puzzle
by Rose Thomson - Friday, 2 September 2016, 7:00 AM

Yesterday's winner is Jamie Dimovski with this answer: 11.3135 + 9.3115+ 9.375 = 30

Very challenging question, well done, come and get a prize in the library at lunchtime.

Also had an exact answer for Wednesday's 'How many Triangle' puzzle, please also come and get a prize Joshua Matthew (and Sophia).


Today we have Scrabble for Literacy, Mathletics contest and puzzles for Numeracy in the library/ L3. Come and join us, I look forward to challenging you to a game of Scrabble or contest on Mathletics!


For today's Numeracy Puzzle, send through your answer in a message to me here, on LMS or submit at lunchtime in person:


What number am I?

I am square number

I am an even number

I am <50 and >20

4 is one of my factors