Purchasing the Jacaranda eBooks

  • Purchasing the Jacaranda eBooks

    Jacaranda Digital Bundle plus

    The College has chosen to continue with the selection of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle plus as the learning solution for your child’s year level in 2018. The Jacaranda Digital Bundle plus is a high-value package that provides access to 15 premium digital resources across eight core curriculum subjects (including Maths, Science, English, Health & Physical Education and History).

    The cost is $114.95 per student per year, but the resources included in the bundle are valued at more than $250.  All students are required to purchase the bundle in years 7 to 10.

    Students will be required to purchase some materials from the booklist relevant to their year level that are not included in the bundle, such as fiction texts for English or a dictionary for Languages.

    To purchase the bundle, please go to https://parentportal.jaconline.com.au/page/craigieburn-secondary-college and follow the steps.  You will need your school provided student ID, which has been provided in a letter with your booklist information. 

    Please contact Carla Mountney at the school (9308 1144) if you have any questions or need your school provided student ID.  

    Students and families can also access booklists via the 'Student Links' and ‘Parent Links’ tabs on the College LMS page.