How are you today? Wellbeing Support

  • How are you today? Wellbeing Support

    Welcome to the Craigieburn Secondary College Wellbeing support. 

    We have an extensive team working with your child/ren at the College to support them during their times of need. As the CSC Wellbeing team we acknowledge the tough times that students face during their educational journey and do our best to provide comfort and guidance during this time.  We have a highly skilled team working closely together in order to provide mentoring, support, mediation and counselling amongst other services to your child/ren during their education. 

    As a team we look forward to the continuation of College driven programs during school hours as well as parent information programs in the after hours (when possible) to provide education supporting your child/ren at home. Watch this space!

    If you are concerned about your child's wellbeing please feel free to contact the College's Wellbeing team.  If your child needs assistance in finding our support room before or after school and/or during break times, they can easily find us in the S-wing building at the Wellbeing Hub.

    Our Allied Health Team, Learning Partners & Youth Workers

    Inclusion & Engagement Assistant Principal          Lynn Emmerson (FT)

    Allied Health Team Leader                        Diane Jensen (FT)

    Individual Learning Needs Coordinator    Diane Jensen (FT)

    Out of Home Care Coordinator                  Diane Jensen (FT)

    School Counsellors                                  Sarah Palermo and Diane Jensen (FT)

    Speech Pathologist                                  Atha Kolovos (FT)

    Mental Health Nurse DET                        Alex Robinson (2 days)

    EAL Engagement & Community Leader       Rita Toma (FT)

    Shine Bright Psychologist                             Elaine Chong (2 days)

    SSS Psychologist DET                          Lidia Gvozden (1 day)

    School Nurse                                         Malissa Allen (FT)

    Chaplain                                                 Derek Q (3 days)

    Leading Teacher Engagement               Adrian Konieczny (FT) (Hands on Learning Coordinator)

    Learning Partners Junior                       Kylie Saccone & Bev Armiento (FT)

    Learning Partners Middle                      Maria Korkoneas (FT)

    Learning Partners Senior                      Ben Weissenfeld (FT)

    Youth Worker Junior                              Matt Lovini (FT)

    Youth Worker Senior                             Susan Kerr (FT)