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  • Helping with Homework & Study Habits

  • How are you today? Wellbeing Support

    Welcome to the Craigieburn Secondary College Wellbeing support. 

    In 2016 we have an extensive team working with your child/ren at the college to support them during their times of need. As the CSC Wellbeing team we acknowledge the tough times that students face during their educational jounrey and do our best to provide comfort and guidance during this time.  From study stress, to friendship issues, to This year we are so lucky to have an intensive team working closely together in order to provide mentoring, support, mediation, counselling amongst other services to your child/ren during their education journey.  The addition of a social worker in the team brings much flexibility and resources to continue to support students with in the college and also facilitate support to external services in the local community.

    As a team we look forward to the continuation of college driven programs during school hours as well as parent information programs in the after hours (when possible) to provide education supporting your child/ren at home. Watch this space!

    If you are concerned about your child's wellbeing please feel free to contact the college's Wellbeing team.  If your child needs assistance in finding our support room before or after school and/or during break times, they can easily find us in the S-wing building next to S3 (the red kitchen).

    Our team members for 2016 are:

    Maleesa Yanni                Engagement and Wellbeing Leader

    Kylie Kelly                      Integration Coordinator

    David Owen                   Senior School Student Wellbeing Officer

    Mitch Robertson             Middle School Student Wellbeing Officer

    Nala Tubb                      Junior School Student Wellbeing Officer

    Anna McCracken             Social Worker

    Jeff Lampard                  Chaplain

    Mark Boyce                    Nurse


    Click on the heading and it will redirect you to a page of resources to help you and the family best support your child/ren at home.

  • What materials do students need?

  • Purchasing the Jacaranda eBooks

    Ebooks Digital Bundle

    All students in years 7 - 10 need the Jacaranda $105 digital text bundle, as shown on the 2017 booklists.

    To purchase the bundle, please go to https://parentportal.jaconline.com.au/page/craigieburn-secondary-college and follow the steps.  You will need your school provided student ID, which has been provided in a letter with your booklist information. 

    Please contact Carla Mountney at the school (9308 1144) if you have any questions or need your school provided student ID. 

    Students can access booklists via the 'Student Links' tab on the LMS page: http://lms.craigieburnsc.vic.edu.au/course/view.php?id=232

    • Accessing Jacaranda eBooks

      • Need some help with Mathematics?

      • Need some help with Writing?

        Writing is a process and a skill which is improved through practise. There a five steps in the writing process..

      • Need some help with Reading?

        All teachers at the school use the Munro literacy strategies.  These strategies are aimed at helping your student to read and understand the texts used in the classroom.  The strategies and a brief description are provided below.

        Getting knowledge ready

        This helps students by getting them to recall what they already know on a topic.


        This can be done before and during reading.  This helps students to find words they don’t know and try to work out their meaning.

        Reading aloud

        This strategy helps students by getting them to sound out words and make images in their mind.

        Say questions the text answers

        This strategy gets students to say the questions answered in texts.  This helps students to understand the text and break it up into parts.  This can also help with summarising a text.


        This helps students to make a text more meaningful for them by putting it into words they are more familiar with and rewriting the sentences.


        This helps students by getting them to find what the main ideas were from the text.


        This strategy gets students to say what they now know after reading the text.

      • Helping English Language Learners

        The college has a pathway for English language learners with classes running from Year 7 - 12. The teachers for the Year 7 - 9 program are outlined below:

        Year 7 A & B

        Ms Kylie Kelly

        Year 7 C & D

        Ms Heather Lines

        Year 8 A

        Mr Aninda Abedin

        Year 8B & D

        Mr Jarrod Patterson

        Year 9

        Mr Ian Sheward